ReactiveUI Goodies–Merge

If you have ever written any App that involves some sort of messaging or real-time data, then you were likely confronted with the integration of data streams that originate from different sources. It can mean that you have to load cached data from disk, get data via an API call and/or instantiate a real time […]

ReactiveUI Goodies–IReactiveDerivedList Grouping

In my 2 previous posts ReactiveUI Goodies–IReactiveDerivedList Filtering 1 and ReactiveUI Goodies–IReactiveDerivedList Filtering 2 I demonstrated how CreateDerivedList(), a method provided by ReactiveList can be used to implement filter scenarios. In this post I would like to explore how we can utilize CreateDerivedList() to archive dynamic grouping in a ListView. Grouping is often used to […]

ReactiveUI Goodies–IReactiveDerivedList Filtering 2

In my previous post ReactiveUI Goodies–IReactiveDerivedList Filtering 1 I demonstrated how we can utilize CreateDerivedCollection() to filter a collection based on a single root list. I would like to further explore that example and demonstrate a more sophisticated filtering solution. But, before we can dive into the actual filtering code, we need to do some […]

ReactiveUI Goodies–IReactiveDerivedList Filtering 1

In my last post Reactive Goodies–IReactiveDerivedList Basics I introduced IReactiveDerivedList and CreateDerivedCollection()  respectively. Based on the outlined example I would like to show how to use a derived list to apply filtering easily. To demonstrate an interactive behavior, I have added a new ViewModel property and UI element to our little Todo Demo App. private bool _showTodoOnly; […]

Reactive Goodies–IReactiveDerivedList Basics

Collections or lists are an important part of almost any App. Sequences of data need to be presented in a certain order to be able to be filtered and searched while the UI needs to reflect any changes to that data. Beyond simply listing data and informing the UI layer about Inserts and Deletes the […]

ReactiveUI Goodies–Search

In my last post I talked about ReactiveList ReactiveUI Goodies – ReactiveList and I would like to dive a little bit more into collections. But before I do so, I would like to repeat a classical example of reactive programming –  Search. Search or Filtering is a basic feature in many Apps and as simple […]

ReactiveUI goodies – ReactiveList

In the world of XAML, DataBinding and ViewModels – the ObservableCollection is the standard utility to light up any list of items. The ObservableCollection is part of the Framework Class Library (FCL) and implements the INotifyCollectionChanged interface. Basically the equivalent of INotifyPropertyChanged for collections. Any class implementing INotifyCollectionChanged needs to inform subscribers about items being […]