ReactiveUI goodies – ReactiveList

In the world of XAML, DataBinding and ViewModels – the ObservableCollection is the standard utility to light up any list of items. The ObservableCollection is part of the Framework Class Library (FCL) and implements the INotifyCollectionChanged interface. Basically the equivalent of INotifyPropertyChanged for collections. Any class implementing INotifyCollectionChanged needs to inform subscribers about items being […]

Share and Win

It’s been a while since I put on a contest.  And this time it get really simple. Just spread the word about some awesome offers. See the links below.  Just share one or more of those offers and you in. Of course you can check out the offers yourself. They are great! In order to […]

Introducing: ThemeManagerRt

Originally posted on Metro Nuggets:
Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1 both have this really great theme support that allows you to use ThemeResource as a xaml type, it means if the theme changes, anything using that will change its theme too. It’s actually very cool. What’s not cool though is you can only have…

Learn and Win

We are in the middle of the of the holiday season. Things are slowing down and we have finally some free time to spent. So why not learn something new? You know, the things we always want to check out but were to busy to follow up. In our business we don’t stop learning. We […]

Unite 2014

The biggest Unity conference is around the corner and will happen this year in Seattle August 20-22. I had the pleasure to visit Unite last year. Its an amazing conference and must-go for game developer. Just in case you are not familiar with Unity, here the official description from the Unity website. “Unity is a game development […]