Learn and Win

We are in the middle of the of the holiday season. Things are slowing down and we have finally some free time to spent. So why not learn something new? You know, the things we always want to check out but were to busy to follow up. In our business we don’t stop learning. We just don’t. It’s a big no no. Our skill set needs to be sharpened and widened.  Well, and then there is of course the fun to master one more thing that makes us almighty creators of the virtual world.

The Learning part

The MVA (Microsoft Virtual Academy) has always been a great resource for learning. They offer a great variety of topics from kick starts to deep dives. I’ve put together a selection around App Development that should to cater your hunger for knowledge.

Quick Start Challenges

“Need a quick explanation of how to do something cool with your app? Designed to get you up and running by walking you through a complete task, end to end, in less than an hour, Quick Start Challenges can help! Do one. Do a few. Do as many as you need. Or do ’em all, and become a Quick Start Challenge Champion!”



Mobile Development

“Developers, want to learn more about mobile development for the latest Windows and Windows Phone devices? How about JavaScript/HTML5 or C#/XAML? At Microsoft Virtual Academy, we have the mobile development training you need to advance your career. …”



App Development

“Develop expertise in app development and design to create fast and fluid Windows apps and Windows Phone apps. Learn app development on a variety of levels, whether you’re an absolute beginner or simply need a refresh …”





C# is a simple yet powerful object oriented language that enables programmers to create Windows applications, Web services, database tools, components, controls, and more. XAML is a declarative markup language that simplifies creating a UI for a .NET Framework application. …”




Cloud Development

“Devs, are you moving your applications to the cloud, or creating new apps to be hosted in the cloud? Then learn cloud development by enrolling in our specially designed courses. These cloud development courses explore the concepts and essential information needed to deploy applications in a private, hybrid, or public cloud environment …”




Game Development

“Don’t put it off any longer! Get the game development training you need to start developing that killer game app today. You know the one—you’ve been thinking about it for years. Game apps are fun and very popular in the Windows Store, and, with the tools now available, there’s no excuse not to get started. …”



Web Development

“Devs, want to leverage the latest Microsoft technologies to create web applications? Thanks to our free web development training, you can explore and learn web development techniques using HTML5 and JavaScript, plus server-side development with MVC and C#. …”





Learn HTML 5, CSS3, and JavaScript programming skills for creating Web applications and Windows Store apps. These Microsoft online courses combine both design and development skills as well as teaching about supporting apps you’ve published to the Windows Store. …”



Aspiring Technologists

“If you’re planning a career in technology, this is the place to start to plan your career. Whether you’re interested in app development or IT administration, these beginner technology courses provide …”




The Winning part

All this free content makes you already a winner. But why not spice things up a little bit. Shall we?

Since we are in the time of giving and sharing, lets spread the word and share this free content with the world. When you give I will give. With every share of one or more MVA courses listed in this post you get an entry to win one of the following:

  1. Nokia Treasure Tag
  2. Nokia Wireless Charging Plate
  3. $100 voucher for AdDuplex
  4. $50 voucher for AdDuplex

In order to win you just have to share the MVA courses with the provided links. For you convenience I created preconfigured hyperlinks for the social media. Every share counts and increases you chances to win. Share one link and you get one chance to win, share 5 links on 2 different social networks and you get 10 entries. You get it.  In order to win please send me links for each of your posts to nokiaguy@outlook.com with subject “Learn and Win”. The people with the most posts win. I also give extra points for creativity in your posts. For the physical prices in this contest I only allow entries for residents of Canada or United States. The dead line for entries is the 15th of January 2015. The winner will be announced the week after.


All entries will be assessed by me and my decisions regarding validity in this promotion are final. This promotion is being held by me, without any express written or implied consent or participation from  Microsoft, Microsoft Virtual Academy  or any  other third party. By submitting your apps to me for evaluation, you agree to hold me not responsible for any promotion, remuneration or other, expectations whether implied or inferred.  I am doing this to help developers, not looking for any problems.


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