Great end of the year blowout

And the winners are:

  • Michael Wu – Backpack
  • Gordon Kennett – Backpack
  • Matt Hughson – Backpack
  • XiangWei Jiang – Charger
  • Heather Robinson –  JBL PowerUp Speaker
  • Mike Wuetherick – Lumia 822
  • Steven Yang – Lumia 822

The winners will be contacted and prizes shipped next week. Congratulations!

Its the end of the year and I have few giveaways that need to go.  As usual, my challenge is simple. Create or update a new Windows Phone app/game. To be eligible you must be in my area and your app/game must be released or updated after 1st of December. I know Christmas is coming up and I don’t want to keep you from spending time with your family. That’s why I set the deadline for app submission to the 15th of January 2014. However you need to enter via email by 31st of December 2013.

Winners will be drawn from all entries after the 15th of January 2014.

Draw Prizes

  • 2 Nokia Lumia 822
  • 1 JBL PowerUp Speaker
  • 3 DVLUP Backpacks
  • 1 Wireless Charging Plate


  • You must live in one of the following Provinces or States:
    • British Columbia
    • Saskatchewan
    • Alberta
    • Yukon
    • Northwest Territories
    • Washington
    • Alaska
    • Montana
  • Your app/game must be released or updated after the 1st of December 2013.

How to Enter

Send an email to with subject “Blowout” by Dec 31st 2013 the following information.

  1. Name
  2. Email Address
  3. Windows Phone Marketplace Publisher Name
  4. Twitter Id (if you have one)
  5. Link to your latest app (if you have one already)
  6. DVLUP user name (sign up here )
  7. Your location, State/Province and City

By January 15th send me a link to your new or updated app to with subject “Blowout”. Your app/game release or update date must be after the 1st of December 2013.

Developer Tools

Just a browser (AppStudio)

For developing AppStudio apps all you need is a browser. However, to actually test your app you need a Windows Phone 8 device. But We can help with that. Give it a try

Windows 8 Pro with Hardware Virtualization

To write native Windows Phone 8 apps, you will need to be using Windows 8 Pro and a PC that supports hardware virtualization. The free Windows Phone 8 SDK can be downloaded here.

Windows 7/8 without Hardware Virtualization

Windows Phone 7 apps are welcome as well and the requirements for the development environment are easier to fulfill. The free SDK can be downloaded here Don’t forget to install all the updates up to WP 7.8.


All Apps will be assessed by me and my decisions regarding validity in this promotion are final. This promotion is being held by me, without any express written or implied consent or participation from any third party. By submitting your apps to me for evaluation, you agree to hold me not responsible for any promotion, remuneration or other, expectations whether implied or inferred.  I am doing this to help developers, not looking for any problems.


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