Your first app with no coding

Microsoft has just launched a new Windows Phone app builder website, Windows Phone App Studio. You can now build a great looking app in no time and earn a free phone from me in the process. You don’t need to be a great programmer, but if you are… you get the source code for the app when you’re done with the template! No other app builder does that for you.

You still need some incentive to click through a wizard? My WriteOneGetOne  promotion is still on along as my Lumia 800’s last). We also giving away a Lumia 1020 this month. So you better become an active developer now.

Get Started

Just a few easy steps to make your first Windows Phone app AND you get to unlock your phone in the process.

Pick one of 12 templates that best fit your idea. From fitness and sports to inventory and business store fronts.

Final Step 1 image

Add some title and description info

Final Step 2 image

Now add the content. Get it from a rss stream or add it directly with an easy to use interface.

Final Step 3 image

I am adding some of the items I regularly give away to the developer in my region…

Final step 4 image

Style the UI with easy to use color selectors

Final Step 5 image

Final summary and app generation and you’re almost done..

Final Step 6 image

Now just generate the app files, you’ll get a XAP file that you can now side load on your phone.

Now that you have an easy way to get your first app done, there’s no excuse to not get a free phone on your desk.:)


2 thoughts on “Your first app with no coding

  1. I remember few years ago Google has released something similar called App Inventor, but they didn’t allow to publish the apps built with this tool on Google Play. So, can the apps built with Windows Phone App Studio published on windows phone store?

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