June Sprint Challenge

In conjunction with Atley Hunter http://www.atleyhunter.com/ I’m running another awesome contest for Windows Phone developers!

Create an app and submit it to the store before June 15th and I’ll give you a Lumia 800!!!

The rules are simple:

  1. Must be a Canadian Resident!!!  Yes, that includes Quebec!
  2. App must be submitted to the store on or before June 15th
  3. App must be of decent quality (can’t just be your favourite four pictures in a pivot control)
  4. One Phone per Windows Phone Developer account

Here are the steps to get the phone:

  1. Develop your app
  2. Send me an email to ext-jan.hannemann@nokia.com by no later than 11:00pm Saturday June 15 containing:
    • a copy of the XAP
    • a screenshot of your submission page
    • completed your windows phone marketplace publisher name.
  3. Once the app is certified (must be fully certified before June 29th, 2013), send me a link to your app in the store and I’ll send you a Lumia 800!

I will be drawing from the names of the developers that submit and one lucky developer will get a brand new Lumia 820! Of course multiple apps will give you multiple entries for the drawing.

This challenge is open to all developers whether you have won one of my challenges before or not!!!

Also, I have free Developer Marketplace tokens to give to developers that are producing their FIRST Windows Phone App.  You will get the token once you have completed step one of the challenge and have sent me your XAP!


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