Are you still hesitating bringing your first app to the Windows Phone marketplace? Don’t anymore. This is a special promotion that not only brings you in the market for free but also rewards you with an awesome Lumia 800. If you have your first app ready to publish then send me the XAP file and if eligible, I will waive your first year Marketplace Membership worth $99. As soon as your app is certified and public I will send you a Nokia Lumia 800.

Here the simple rules.

1) You must be a Canadian/US developer living in

  • British Columbia
  • Alberta
  • Saskatchewan
  • Washington


    2) You must not have previously released a Windows Phone app to the Windows Phone Store or Marketplace.

3) Your app must have been Certified and available in the store
AFTER January 1st, 2013.

4) The app must be a QUALITY app… What does that mean?  It means:

  • Must pass Marketplace Certification
  • No Hello World or Flashlight apps.
  • The app must have a useful function.
    5) All Apps will be assessed by me and my decisions regarding validity in this promotion are final.

6) This is limited to as long as I have the phones to give away.

For any questions and submissions send me an e-mail at nokiaguy@outlook.com


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