[Update 2 ]

The promotion is over. Check out my other promotion WriteOneGetOne



Race2Surface has started. Here the leaderboard:

Developer Number of Apps Points  
Dev1 6 12  
G4MB10R 2 2  
DYY 3 4  
vivanov 4 7  
yamspog 3 7  
RAMP 1 1  
Total 19    


I’m back with an even more exciting promotion. After the great success of Phones4Apps, I’m spicing things up a little bit. Since Windows Phone is as awesome as Windows 8, you should develop for both platforms and you should own the best devices for both platforms. That’s why I’m giving away brand new shiny Nokia Lumia 800/900 and one Surface 64GB with touch cover as Grand Prize. Here the facts:

  • The promotions starts January 1st 2013 and ends March 1st 2013
  • For each app you submit you get points that count for the Grand Prize.
  • The developer with the most points at the end of the promotion gets the Surface. (In case of a draw the submission date counts)
  • The Grand Prize is only given if a total of 30 apps are submitted by March 1st, 2013.
  • If you submit 2 apps you get a Lumia 800
  • If you submit 4 apps you get a Lumia 900 (4 devices available – First-come, First-served)
  • A leader board (anonymous if wished) will be posted as the apps coming in.

Some rules:

1) You must be a resident of British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Washington* or Oregon*

*Developer in US have to pay shipping and import fees for your prize.

2) The app must be submitted after November 1, 2012 to the Marketplace and must not submitted to any of my previous promotions.

3) Only one phone per developer.

4) The app must be a QUALITY app… What does that mean?  It means:

a) Must pass Marketplace Certification,

b) No Hello World, Picture Catalog / Resizer or Flashlight apps.

c) No more than 1 of your apps can be an RSS Reader

d) No multiple variants on a theme (travel/tourism, etc.)

e) The app must have a useful function.

5) You must be a member of DVLUP and your apps must be visible within DVLUP. (Ask me for registration codes.)

6) All Apps will be assessed by me and my decisions regarding validity in this promotion are final.

  • 1 point for any app or game
  • 2 points if it’s your very first app in the market (newbie reward)
  • 2 points for each D3D or XNA game with multiple levels and game stats
  • 3 points for each app that is available for Windows 8 as well
  • 3 points for each app that is a companion app for a Windows 8 app

7) This promotion is being held by me, without any express written or implied consent or participation from any third party.

8) By submitting your apps to me for evaluation, you agree to hold me not responsible for any promotion, remuneration or other, expectations whether implied or inferred.  I am doing this to help developers, not looking for any problems.

9) The winners will be chosen by me.

How to Submit an App:

As soon as your app is in the marketplace, email me the deep link to your app to nokiaguy@outlook.com. Keep in mind that the quality of your app counts. Let’s start folks it’s a race!

Don’t forget that you can get submit you apps in DVLUP and the Developer Movement as well.


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