Triple Reward for Canadian App Developer


The Phones4Apps challenge is over but it’s still triple reward time. Check out my new promotion Race2Surface

There is no better time in Canada to publish apps than now. Three different opportunities to win amazing prizes. Get your Visual Studio started and materialize your ideas into apps. You will be instantly rewarded for your efforts. Check it out.


Phones4Apps is a promotion held by me. The rules are simple. The first 5 apps that make it into the marketplace get brand new Nokia Lumia phones. Get the details here

Developer Movement

The Movement is back and it’s time to move again. This time the Movement comes with a point system that allows you to save up for amazing prizes like Samsung 14” Laptop, Canon ESL Rebel DSLR or a Yamaha Home Theatre System.

“Show us that you’re a game changer. That you won’t settle for second best. Stand up and prove that you’re a force to be reckoned with. Begin with our free development toolkits. Get inspiration from apps published by your peers. And collect points every step of the way to redeem for rewards like a Laptop, a Home Theatre System and more!”



DVLUP is a Nokia rewarding platform for Windows Phone app development. Earn badges and points for honour and rewards. It also has trade up program for new Lumia devices. If you have purchased a new Lumia 920 phone lately then you can trade in your old phone for cash.

“Right now, there are a lot of resources available online to help with Windows Phone development from a technical perspective. Instead of another resource, we wanted to create something that makes development more fun and rewarding for you.” 

DVLUP is in private Beta right now. Ping me for registration codes via or @bitdisaster

Don’t waste any time and start coding!


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