[Update: The last phone is gone and the promotion is over. But stay tuned, the next one is coming with an awesome prize.]

No excuse to not finish this app anymore. You will be instantly rewarded with a shiny new Nokia Lumia phone. The first 2 developer who can send me a link to their published app in the marketplace receive a Lumia 900, a Lumia 800 goes to  the next 3 developer.

Some rules:

1) You must be a Canadian resident, living in  writing Windows Phone apps

2) The app must be submitted after November 7, 2012 to the Marketplace.

3) Only one device per developer.

4) The app must be a QUALITY app… What does that mean?  It means:

a) Must pass Marketplace Certification,

b) No Hello World or Picture Catalog / Resizer Apps.

c) No more than 1 of the 5 can be an RSS Reader

d) No multiple variants on a theme (travel/tourism, etc.)

e) The app must have a useful function.

4) All Apps will be assessed by me and my decisions regarding validity in this promotion are final.

5) This promotion is being held by me, without any express written or implied consent or participation from any third party.

6) By submitting your apps to me for evaluation, you agree to hold me not responsible for any promotion, remuneration or other, expectations whether implied or inferred.  I am doing this to help developers, not looking for any problems.

6) The winners will be chosen by me based on:

a) App quality / usability

b) Order of submission (it is the first 5 developers to build 5 apps after all).

How to Submit an App:

As soon as your app is in the marketplace, email me the deep link to your app to Keep in mind that the quality of your app and the date/time in my inbox counts. Let’s start folks it’s a race.


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