Nokia’s First Class Developer Support

Nokia Developer Premium Program

Nokia recently announced its Developer Premium Program. This program gets you started with a very appealing package. For just $99 you get a one year membership for Windows Dev Center, that you would need anyway in order to submit apps, which alone is already $99. However, on top of that you get 45+ Windows Phone controls worth $99, 12 month access to the cloud platform worth $1200 and 2 Nokia Tech Support tickets worth $198. That’s an amazing deal. Telerik is known for its excellent RAD controls and their Windows Phone controls are no exception. Check out the controls gallery here The is cloud hosted platform that allows you to build your own social network into your app. All what you need, accounts, friends, groups, photo albums, geo-locations, messaging is available via an intuitive API. I used Buddy myself in my award winning app MintWallet. Check out for more details. You may or may not run into a problem during your app development. If even the very helpful Windows Phone Developer community out there can’t help you then you have access to the professional technical support by Nokia.

Marketing in a Box

Nokia doesn’t stop when your app is published.  Marketing in a Box is a brand new offer that covers a very important part of your life as an app developer; Marketing. Even the best app needs marketing and after spending hours and hours of development you want to see your app in users hand and money in your pocket. Marketing in a Box helps you archive this with a guidance and a toolkit. Get the details here:

NAX Nokia Ad Exchange

Monetize your app with ease. Just one line of code and you can access 120 ad agencies worldwide. In times where people think that $0.99 is already too much to ask for a quality app, we have to find other ways to make money with app development. You can sign up for NAX here

All in all, Nokia brings a very unique package to the table and makes Windows Phone development even better.


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