Nokia Developer Ambassador

This is my official announcement that I was chosen as a Nokia Developer Ambassador for Vancouver/Seattle. This is quite a long title but what does this mean for you? Basically, if you are currently develop apps for the Windows Phone platform or planning to do so then I’m your man. Even if your cursor already hovers over the submit button in the Windows Phone Store, hold your fire if you can. You want regret! While I can’t share all the details yet I can tell  you their are exciting times ahead.

What I can say so far:

  • I will have Nokia phones as giveaways
  • I will have resources to host events
  • I will attend events in the west of Canada as well as Seattle area
  • I will support you with your app or app idea
  • You will have access to tools/resources
  • You will have access to hardware
  • You will get rewards  TBA

For more details subscribe to my blog and/or ping me directly.

Facebook:  Twitter: @bitdisaster,   E-mail: nokiaguy at outlook dot com


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