Windows 8 apps going html5, wtf

When I typed this as a post title in the Silverlight forum I was really upset about the Windows 8 press release and the fact that the new shiny tile based UI has no Silver in it. However, I’m not alone with my disappointment, over 5 million views and around 200 replies are painting a clear picture. It’s really not about the dynamic duo HTML5/JS which became the new favourite child of Microsoft. It’s more about the future of Silverlight and the only story we can see right now is that becomes a legacy technology beside WPF, Winforms, VB on the so called “classic mode”. Ok we still have WP7, the last real bastion of Silverlight. However, the announcement of Paul Otellini that Windows 8 will run on phones doesn’t leave much hope. The only response from Microsoft to the thread was that we have to wait until September for the BUILD event. So that leaves us with to questions we can ask right now. First, what is the best thing we can hope? Maybe that the Jupiter project is still alive and that it brings indeed a new AppX model based on Silverlight with a new shiny AppMarket. But then Soma Somasegar already replied to Mary Jo that “some of the information in this post is not right and out of date, not reflecting Microsoft’s current thinking.” Secondly, what is the worst thing we have to fear? They say nothing and Silverlight goes the long deadly walk of legacy technology along with WinForms, ActiveX, ….

Prepare for the worst, hope for the best…

Update: After my thread was locked because of trolling, a Silverlight forum moderator wrote the following in a sequel thread. “We can’t say anything else until September. Trust me that the previous thread was visible at some of the highest levels inside Microsoft (one reason I edited to remove the trolls and insulting that was a problem and obscuring the message the thread was sending)

At least we sent a message and maybe we don’t have to wait till September after all.


One thought on “Windows 8 apps going html5, wtf

  1. What can you say about the super multi-platform Silverlight on Linux? Have you ever used Moonlight? Or have you not ever used Linux? O.K. , I understand you may be a bit disappointed, but you should say the truth. And the truth is not very pleasant for Silverlight. It is high time to learn new languages 😉

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